Answer: quebec was vital to new france and without quebec new french would not a
have good defense
WHy did Pitt sent Gen. James to destroy quebec
A. Pitt sent General James Wolfe to take Quebec capital of New France. B. Quebec was vital to the defense of New France because without it the French could not supply their forts farther up the St. Lawrence River. C. Quebec was well defended sitting on the edge of the Plains of Abraham on top of a steep cliff high above the St. Lawrence.
His part in the aborted raid on Rochefort in 1757 led William Pitt to appoint him second-in-command of an expedition to capture the Fortress of Louisbourg. Following the success of the siege of Louisbourg he was made commander of a force which sailed up the Saint Lawrence River to capture Quebec City.
James Wolfe: The Hero of Quebec . Major General James Peter Wolfe (3 January 1727 – 13 September 1759) was a British Army officer known for his training reforms but remembered chiefly for his victory over the French at the Battle of Quebec in Canada in 1759. The son of a distinguished general Lieutenant- General Edward Wolfe he had received his first commission at a young age and saw extensive service in Europe where he fought during the War of the Austrian Succession.
WOLFE JAMES army officer commander of the British expedition that took Quebec in 1759; b. 2 Jan. 1727 ( n.s .) at Westerham England; d. 13 Sept. 1759 of wounds received in the battle of the Plains of Abraham. He was the son of Lieutenant- General Edward Wolfe a respectable but not particularly distinguished officer and Henrietta Thompson.
The Battle of Quebec was a pivotal battle in the Seven Years' War that ended with a decisive British victo...