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What was Wolfe plan
The Wolf Conservation and Management Plan for Washington has been developed to guide recovery and management of gray wolves as they naturally disperse into the state and reestablish a breeding population. No wolves have ever been or will be reintroduced into Washington from areas outside the state as part of this plan . This is a state plan .
Summary of the Minnesota DNR Wolf Management Plan . Prepared by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service . Dated October 27 1999. Under the direction of the wolf management bill passed by the 2000 Minnesota Legislature and signed into law by Governor Ventura the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in consultation with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture developed a wolf management plan ...
The wolf management plan committee is an inclusive and diverse committee representing a variety of interest groups and government agencies that will provide input to the DNR during the development of the wolf management plan .
In 1997 the DNR finalized the Michigan Gray Wolf Recovery and Management Plan (Michigan DNR 1997). That plan was developed when the gray wolf (Canis lupus) in Michigan was classified as a federally endangered species and the number of wolves in the State was...