Answer: captured Louisbourg the most important fort in french canada
How did the tide of battle turn
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This order in concert with other newly developed and improved technologies – particularly aircraft carried radar the Leigh Light and escort-class destroyers – quickly turned the tide in the Battle of the Atlantic. By the end of May just two months later the Germans suspended U-Boat operations in the North Atlantic.
Explanation. The tide started turning after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After that the Japanese Empire surrendered and it was pretty much the beginning of the end.
In 1777 the colonists force the surrender of 6 000 British troops in New York State. This first major victory convinces France to enter the conflict on the Americans side. FACT CHECK: We strive...
The landings took place in November 1942 and by the spring of 1943 the German and Italian forces in North Africa had surrendered. The Allies moved on from there to Sicily and then Italy knocking the Italians out of the war and making a slow advance up the peninsula.
1863: The Tide Turns D uring the first half of 1863 doubts about the Federal army's ability to defeat the Confederate forces mounted across th...