Answer: a farmer, a peasant
nōfu (農夫)
English words for 農夫 include peasant farmhand and husbandman. Find more Japanese words at!
The Farmer ( 農夫 Nōfu ) is an ostrich farmer. He was the first human to encounter the Saiyan warrior Raditz upon his arrival on Earth and the first person shown to have a confirmed Power Level in Dragon Ball Z.
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John Swasey is the English dub voice of Farmer With Shotgun in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and Keiichi Sonobe is the Japanese voice.The Farmer ( 農夫 Nōfu ) is an os...
Book/Printed Material Atarashiki nōfu : sōsaku 新らしき 農夫 : 創作 / Full online access to this resource is only available at the Library of Congress. About this Item
Chinese: ·peasant; farmer··peasant plowman Tanaka Corpus: 農夫 (のうふ)たちは稲(いね)をうえていた nōfutachi wa ine o uete ita The peasants were planting rice