Answer: hake
1. (animal) a. hake. Si quieres pescar merluza es mejor hacerlo de noche.If you want to fish for hake it's best to do it at night. 2. (culinary) a. hake. Le preguntamos a la mesera si nos recomendaba más el salmón o la merluza .We asked the waitress whether she recommended the salmon more or the hake. 3.
Merluza is a flaky white fish with a similar texture and flavor to cod though with slightly fluffier flesh. This fish suits a variety of dishes and is popular when poached broiled smoked or cured. It tends to stay moist when cooked and it is tender and tasty. Merluza live in deep ocean waters but they must come up to slightly shallower ...
Common Names: Sow Hake White Hake Merluza . Light Cod and Haddock similarity with larger flake. Creamy Mild Moist Flakey Paper White. Food Information: THE FISHERY - New England was once the wealthiest region in the United States. Between 1850 and 1910 New Bedford was considered the whaling capital of the world.
Merluza . Merluza (en latín Merluccius « lucio de mar» debido al parecido con el pez carnívoro de agua dulce) es el nombre común de varios peces marinos del orden de los gadiformes.
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