Answer: apple
manzana de Adán especialmente (Latinoamérica) (Anatomía) Adam's apple 3 [de casas] block (of houses) 4 (medida) (Centroamérica) land measure (= 1.75 acres); (S. Cone) land measure (= 2.5 acres) Collins Complete Spanish Electronic Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers 2011
History and Etymology for manzana American Spanish from Spanish apple block of houses from Old Spanish mazana maçana apple from Latin (mala) Matiana from mala apples + Matiana neuter plural of Matianus of Matius from C. Matius 1st century b.c. Roman writer on gastronomy + Latin -anus -an Learn More About manzana
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Manzana originates from the Spanish word meaning 'apple'. Discover what our fire-roasted Rotisserie Grill brings to fresh fish burgers steaks and grilled vegetables. At the core of Manzana s menu is Fire Roasted Rotisserie Oregon Raised Chicken seasoned with a special blend of 30 spices.
Manzana specializes in producing high quality organic products made with Fresh USDA Organic Apples not from concentrate. Our Organic Apples are harvested and pr...