Answer: to become+noun (over period of time)
hacerse + noun or adjective: to become -- often used with adjectives such as famoso/a rico/a etc. -- often used with career goals and religious or political persuasions;
hacerse a una idea to get used to an idea; hacerse a hacer algo to get used to doing sth; ¿te has hecho ya a levantarte temprano? have you got used to getting up early yet? hacerse con [+información] to get hold of; [+ciudad fortaleza] to take
The use of hacerse in the sense of becoming usually implies change made voluntarily i.e. involving commitment or effort. Compare volverse quedarse convertirse and ponerse. Conjugation
to become ill ponerse enfermo; enfermar; to become old hacerse or volverse viejo; to become angry enfadarse; to become red ponerse rojo; enrojecerse; we became very worried empezamos a inquietarnos muchísimo; he became blind (se) quedó ciego; this is becoming difficult esto se está poniendo difícil; to become accustomed to sth acostumbrarse a algo; it became known that ... se supo que ...; llegó a saberse que ...; when he becomes 21 cuando cumpla los 21 año...