Answer: to become+adj (big emotion (e.g. loco))
"Ponerse" can also mean "to start or begin" as in "ponerse a hacer algo". Also in my experience "Ponerse" is usually used with emotions and such while "volverse" can be used with anything you can suddenly become for example "volverse rico" means "to get rich overnight". So with your examples I would read these as: She became furious.
Start studying Sp 3 to become: ponerse + adj ; quedarse + adj ; volverse + adj /noun; hacerse + adj /noun; convertirse en (ie i) + noun; llegar a ser + noun. Learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other study tools.
Volverse can be combined with either adjectives or a noun and article. It is generally used with adjectives that appear with ser (and estar but not estar only e.g. se volvió contento?? ) especially indicating changes in a person's character personality or attitude.
1.1 [persona] to turn turn round. se volvió a mí he ...