Answer: to turn around
Translate Volverse . See 12 authoritative translations of Volverse in English with example sentences conjugations and audio pronunciations.
Translation of " volverse " in English. become turn get come back return go back grow. turn to. face. turn on. turn against. round on. turn back. turn around.
English words for volverse include become turn go get turn around turn back turn about swivel swivel round and lead back. Find more Spanish words at!
Volverse and hacerse often have an overlap when referring to people; however volverse implies a un unintentional change in the person's character or attitude while hacerse usually indicates intentional change. In general hacerse is preferred in cases where it can alternate with resultar llegar a ser and venir a ser. 5
Volverse . Refers to involuntary changes that generally apply to people. Refers to sudden changes that have a profound effect (usually after a specific moment in time) Hacerse Vs. Ponerse Vs. Volverse . Welcome to the lesson portion Readers. If you'll note there are quite a few distinct instances in which to use each o...