Answer: innen to akirameru (因縁とあきらめる)
a connection/relation; an origin a history; destiny
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A relationship is simply the illusion that another person will continue to obey the rules you've attached to your connection with them. When you successfully create an illusion in your mind that they will still love you tomorrow still want to be your loyal partner tomorrow and still be alive tomorrow you tell yourself that you're in a relationship.
Every bid in a relationship creates a connection moment. When one partner makes a bid for connection the other's response is to either connect or to not connect. After studying 3 000 couples Dr. Gottman has uncovered that we respond in three ways. We either: Turn towards our partner's bid and build our relationship; Turn away;
Connection is a synonym of relation. As nouns the difference between connection and relation is that connection is (uncountable) the act of connecting while relation is the manner in which two things may be associated.
formal a connection or relationship between two or more things that is not caused by cha...