Answer: innen o tsukeru (因縁をつける)
to resign oneself to one's fate
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to resign oneself to one's fate. Examples. Add. Stem. Match all exact any words. Many people have such a general and confused idea of God that their religiosity becomes a religiosity without God where God's will is seen as an immutable and unavoidable fate towhich onehas tobend and resign oneselfin a totally passive manner. The rich young man in the Gospel who did not follow Jesus' call reminds us of the obstacles preventing or eliminating one'sfree response: Material goods are ...
resign (oneself) to (something) To accept that one must do undertake or endure something. I've resigned myself to the fact that I will be hated by my peers but I stand by my decision to act as a whistleblower.
1 abandon abdicate call it a day or night cede forgo forsake give in one's notice give up hand over leave quit relinquish renounce step down (informal) surrender turn over vacate yield
After a poignant attempt at radio communication with an Eskimo on Earth Stone resigns herself to her fate and shuts down the cabin's oxygen supply to commit suicide. WikiMatrix. Resigned to his fate Sta...