Answer: innen (因縁)
in-hospital infection
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Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are complications of healthcare and linked with high morbidity and mortality. Each year about 1 in 25 U.S. hospital patients is diagnosed with at least one infection related to hospital care alone; additional infections occur in other healthcare settings.
Hospital Acquired Infections. These infections typically begin in the hospital in the early days of recovery and for that reason are referred to as Hospital Acquired Infections. When these infections happen at the site of surgery they are referred to as Surgical Site Infections (SSI). These types of infections are typically treated with one or more IV antibiotics.
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Hospital-acquired infections also known as healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are nosocomially acquired infections that are typically not present or might be incubating at the time of admission. These infections are usually acquired after hospitalization and manifest 48 hours after admission to the hospital.
A healthcare-acquired infection (HAI) is an infection that is contracted while you are in a healthcare facility such as an acute care hospital or a skilled nursing care facility. Even a doctor's office or clinic can be a source for an HAI. The medical community calls HAIs nosocomial infections.
Although significant progress has been made in preventing some healthcare-associat...