Answer: (both occur in chloroplast) PHOTOSYSTEMS I and II-thylakoid membrane
system, CALVIN CYCLE- stroma
where 2 diff types of photosynthesis are done
The three main types of photosynthesis are C 3 C 4 and CAM (crassulacean acid metabolism). In college I had to memorize some of their pathways and mechanisms but I will highlight what gives one an advantage over another and what types of crops forages and weeds have specialized C 3 and C 4 photosynthesis. This will tell us why they can do well in certain climates and times of the year and when we can expect certain plants to be more abundant.
CAM Photosynthesis . This is the last type and the process is a very different one in this case. CAM implies Crassulacean Acid Metabolism and in this process the carbon dioxide is actually stored as an acid before it is used for the process of conversion into energy. In this case the PEP Carboxylase enzyme collects CO 2 in the night so that ...
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There are different types of photosynthesis including C3 photosynthesis and C4 photosynthesis. C3 photosynthesis is used by the majority of plants. C3 photosynthesis is used by the majority of plants.
The process that converts light energy into chemical energy takes place in a multi-protein complex called a photosystem. Two types of photosystems are embedded in the thylako...