Answer: PHOTOSYSTEMS I and II- to produce ATP and NADPH for the calvin cycle,
CALVIN CYCLE-carbon fixation and production of carbohydrate
reason why we use 2 diff types of photosynthesis
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August 23 2016. As if Photosynthesis was not complicated enough there are actually different variations of how plants convert CO 2 (Carbon dioxide) to C 6 H 12 O 6 (Carbohydrates). Plants have various physiologies to adapt to various environments on earth. Alfalfa for instance can remain persistent and prolific during certain drought episodes due to its deep taproot that can help the plant utilize deep water sources.
This occurs due to the presence of PEP Carboxylase an enzyme that such plants release for this very purpose itself. The stomata are open during the day in this case as well and the special enzyme then delivers the CO 2 to the RUBISCO. CAM Photosynthesis . This is the last type and the process is a very different one in this case.
Most life on Earth depends on photosynthesis .The process is carried out by plants algae and some types of bacteria which capture energy from sunlight to produce oxygen (O 2 ) and chemical energy stored in glucose (a sugar). Herbivores then obtain this energy by eating plants and carnivores obtain it by eating herbivores.
Photosynthesis cannot occur without cellular respiration and cellular respiration certainly cannot occur without photosynthesis. Photosynthesis and cellular respiration are in many respects the "reverse" of one another. Photosynthesi...