Answer: a bow and a quiver full of arrows adn a little ivory horn
What did Susan recieve from Santa Clause?
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Santa Claus gives Susan a bow and arrow "to be used in time of greatest need " as he does not intend her to fight in battles. He also presents her with a horn that she can blow that will help save her from danger. Santa Claus offers Lucy a dagger that is also to be used in time of greatest need. When Lucy protests that she is brave enough to fight in battle Santa Claus gravely tells her "Battles are ugly when women fight."
What did Lucy receive from Santa Clause ? a diamond bottle with cordial mde of the juice of one of the fire-flowers that growin the mountains of the sun that would heal anyone and a dagger. What did Susan recieve from Santa Clause ?
Father Christmas gave the Beavers Lucy Susan and Peter gifts. Specifically a Rhindon (sword and shield) for Peter. A horn bow and arrows for Susan and a healing cordial alongside a small dagger for Lucy. Obviously these are very unusual items to count as gifts for children.
Father Christmas' is also the most common name that Santa Claus has in the UK where C.S. Lewis lived. The 2005 film adaptation avoids the issue of his name by him being unaddr...