Answer: a shield and a sword
What did Peter recieve from Santa Clause?
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Peter Pevensie: A sword and a shield; Susan Pevensie: A Bow and arrows and a magical horn; Lucy Pevensie: A magical healing cordial and a small dagger; A group of Talking Beasts: A warm meal of delicious food; Trivia. Despite a few differences Father Christmas is obviously the Narnian version of Santa Claus .
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Father Christmas gave the Beavers Lucy Susan and Peter gifts. Specifically a Rhindon (sword and shield) for Peter. A horn bow and arrows for Susan and a healing cordial alongside a small dagger for Lucy. Obviously these are very unusual items to count as gifts for children.
Peter receives a sword and a red shield with a gold lion emblazoned on it to defend himself in battle. Santa Claus gives Susan a bow and arrow "to be used in time of greatest need " as he does not intend her to fight in battles. He also presents her with a horn that she can blow that will help save her from danger. Santa Claus offers Lucy a dagger that is also to be used in time of greatest need.
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