Answer: 12 vertebrae
Thoracic Curvature
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Thoracic Kyphosis: Forward Curvature of the Upper Back The thoracic (rib cage) portion of the spine has a normal forward curvature called "kyphosis " which has a normal range... This forward curvature is matched by reverse curvatures (called "lordosis" or "sway") in the cervical spine (the neck)...
Our ancestors used their limbs and that is why the load on the spine was evenly distributed. Afterwards increased physical work injuries and underdeveloped muscles excercabeted the problems. The curvature of the thoracic spine can be caused by various reasons: Wrong posture in childhood.
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thoracic curvature. Posterior curvature of the thoracic vertebrae. The thoracic curvature is a primary spinal curve that develops during the embryonic period. See also: curvature. Medical Dictionary © 2009 Farlex and Partners.
Thoracic scoliosis is a form of scoliosis a condition characterized by curvature of the spine which is concentrated in the thoracic spine the area of spine in the midback. This is a common location for scoliosis and it can be very problematic for the patient because the curvature can lead to deformities which impede...