Answer: 7 vertebrae
Cervical Curvature
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As mentioned above the cervical spine naturally has a lordotic curve so a kyphotic spinal deformity means there is an abnormal forward curvature to that part of the spine. The loss of the normal cervical lordosis might be localized occurring in just one or a few segments of the vertebrae or it can involve the majority of the cervical spine segments.
In an atypical spine with an abnormal curvature that strength and flexibility is lost. The cervical spine is the upper portion that includes the neck; a cervical curvature refers to an atypical curve located along the cervical portion of the spine.
Each of these main sections has a corresponding natural and healthy curvature. The spine's cervical curvature curves inwards towards the body's center in a reverse-C shape. The thoracic spine's curvature curves outwards away from the body's center in a 'C' shape and the lumbar curvat...