Answer: Parietal
Study of bones
According to the Museum of Osteology the study of bones is called osteology which is practiced by doctors and researchers called osteologists. Osteology is a complex science that uses information and data from anatomy archaeology and anthropology. Osteology studies all physical aspects of bones including skeletal structure ossification bone disease and pathology bone hardness morphology muscular structure and function.
A typical analysis will include: an inventory of the skeletal elements present a dental inventory aging data based upon epiphyseal fusion and dental eruption (for subadults) and deterioration of the pubic symphysis or... stature and other metric data ancestry non-metric traits pathology and/or ...
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A forensic anthropologist studies only the bones and decomposed remains of an individual -- not the mysterious bloody note clenched in a fist the half-chewed bubble gum in the victim's mouth or the peculiar pattern of a bloodstain on the wall behind the body. Some tasks not handled by forensic anthropologists include: DNA collection or analysis
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