Answer: Pelvis
Pertaining to or forming the outter wall of a body cavity
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What is an anatomical term that pertains to the outer wall of the cavity? Parietal.
Relating to or forming the wall of a body part organ or cavity . 2. Of or relating to either of the parietal bones. 3. Botany Borne on the inside of the ovary wall . Used of the ovules or placentas in flowering plants. n. A parietal part such as a wall or bone.
It can take three years for a cavity to form in the strong outer layer of tooth enamel. Decay progresses more quickly through the dentin (middle layer) to pulp (innermost layer). Pulp contains a tooth's nerve endings and blood supply. Types of tooth decay include: Smooth surface: This slow-growing cavity dissolves tooth enamel. You can prevent it — and sometimes reverse it — with proper brushing flossing and dental cleanings.
The major cavities of the human body are the spaces left over when internal organs are removed. There are additional body cavities which we will only discuss in lecture. These are the cavities created by serous membranes–the pleural cavities the pericardial cavity and the peritoneal cavity –and the mediastinum.
Relates to forming the outter wall of the body cavity : Visceral (membrane lining cavities) Pertains to organs or the covering of an or...