Answer: Each chloroplast has two external membranes that contain a fluid interior
known as the stroma
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Stroma (from Greek στρῶμα 'layer bed bed covering') is the part of a tissue or organ with a structural or connective role. It is made up of all the parts without specific functions of the organ - for example connective tissue blood vessels ducts etc.
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The stroma is a major component of the primary prostate environment that modulates tumor dynamics (Zhu and Kyprianou 2008). In addition to structurally supporting epithelial cell growth stromal-derived fibroblasts promote cancer progression (Wang et al. 2007).
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Stroma definition is - a compact mass of fungal hyphae producing perithecia or pycnidia.
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[stro´mah] (Gr.) the tissue forming the ground substance framework or matrix of an orga...