Answer: quiet, reserved, reluctant to express feelings
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Word Origin mid 19th century: from Latin reticent- 'remaining silent' from the verb reticere from re- (expressing intensive force) + tacere 'be silent'.
Scrabble Points: 10
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Reticent first appeared about 170 years ago but the "reluctant" sense of "reticent" is a mid-20th century introduction. Though it is now well-established this newer sense bothers some people particularly because it has veered away from the word's Latin origins - "reticent" is from the verb "retic─ôre " meaning "to keep silent."
Synonyms & Antonyms of reticent 1 given to keeping one's activities hidden from public observation or knowledge the panel decided to investigate the fraud charges against the company which has always been reticent about its internal operations
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Define reticent . reticent synonyms reticent pronunciation reticent translation English dictionary definition of reticent . unwilling to speak; reserved; taciturn uncommunicative: She was reticent to answe...