Answer: awe-inspiring, honorable
Word Origin late Middle English: from Old French redoutable from redouter 'to fear' from re- (expressing intensive force) + douter 'to doubt'.
Scrabble Points: 16
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The word redoubtable is worthy of respect itself if only for its longevity; it has been used in English for things formidable since at least the 15th century. This "dread"-ful term comes to us through Middle English from the Anglo-French verb reduter meaning "to dread " and ultimately derives from duter meaning "to doubt."
that is to be feared; formidable. commanding or evoking respect reverence or the like.
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Define redoubtable. redoubtable synonyms redoubtable pronunciation redoubtable translation English dictionary definition of redoubtable. adj. 1. Arousing fear or awe; formidable. 2. Worthy of respect or honor. re·doubt′a·bly adv. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language Fifth...
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