Answer: tubules that move photosynthetic products/metabolites (sugars, ect.) away
from the mesophyll cells
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As the fluid is pushed down (and up) the phloem sugars are removed by the cortex cells of both stem and root (the "sinks") and consumed or converted into starch. Starch is insoluble and exerts no osmotic effect. Therefore the osmotic pressure of the contents of the phloem decreases.
Phloem is the living tissue in vascular plants that transports the soluble organic compounds made during photosynthesis and known as photosynthates in particular the sugar sucrose to parts of the plant where needed. This transport process is called translocation. In trees the phloem is the innermost layer of the bark hence the name derived from the Greek word φλοιός meaning "bark". The term was introduced by Carl Nägeli in 1858.
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The disease has been known by various names in different countries - "greening" in South Africa "mottle leaf" in the Philippines "dieback" in India and "vein phloem degeneration" in Indonesia - but in 1995 the disease was officially named Huanglongbing by the International Organization of Citrus Virologists (IOCV) and this name is now widely used to describe the disease in Africa America and Asia.
Glyphosate is a systemic herbicide that moves through the phloem and acc...