Answer: Zygote
Pertaining to the organs or the coverings of an organ
Hemo/emia. = blood. hematologist anemia. Note that some organs have more than one word root. Example: "masto" and "mammo". Typically one is derived from the Greek and one from Latin. Go figure! But you need to know both roots because you may see either of them used. The word ending "-itis" is going to be used repeatedly.
space between the chest that contains organs such as the stomach liver intestines and gallbladder- lies between the abdomen and the pelvis. a vertical plane that divides the body into front and back portions
Pertaining to skin cells. This term originally described cells upon (EPI-) the breast nipple (THELI-). Now it indicates cells lining the inner part of internal organs and covering the outside of the body.
Lesson 2.2 Tissues Organs and Organ Systems. STUDY. PLAY. Arthroscopy. Visual examination of the interior of a joint. ... Pertaining to the covering of the body. Lymph.
pertaining to the skin. Cytology. ... organs and cells that cannot be seen with the naked eye ... membrane covering each organ in a body cavity-ac. pertaining to ... ...