Answer: acutely perceptive, having keen judgement
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Word Origin early 17th century: from Latin perspicax perspicac- 'seeing clearly' + -acious.
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Perspicacious is similar in meaning to shrewd and astute but a sharp mind will discern subtle differences among them. All three mean acute in perception and sound in judgment but shrewd stresses practical hardheaded cleverness whereas perspicacious implies unusual power to see through and comprehend what is puzzling or hidden.
formal having or showing an ability to notice and understand things that are difficult or not obvious She considers herself a perspicacious judge of character. The critic made some perspicacious observations about the film. Synonyms & Near Synonyms for perspicacious
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having keen mental perception and understanding; discerning: to exhibit perspicacious judgment. Archaic. having keen vision. OTHER WORDS FOR perspicacious 1 perceptive acute shrewd penetrating.
Perspicacious is an adjective that means "shrewd" and "wise." A perspicacious child can't be fooled when her parents try to keep a secret by talking in Pig Latin. The adjective perspicacious is a long word for a short definition: "keen" or "shrewd." This wor...