Answer: extremely harmful, potentially causing death
Word Origin late Middle English: from Latin perniciosus 'destructive' from pernicies 'ruin' based on nex nec- 'death'.
Scrabble Points: 14
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English Language Learners Definition of pernicious formal : causing great harm or damage often in a way that is not easily seen or noticed See the full definition for pernicious in the English Language Learners Dictionary
Pernicious definition causing insidious harm or ruin; ruinous; injurious; hurtful: pernicious teachings; a pernicious lie. See more.
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Some common synonyms of pernicious are baneful deleterious detrimental and noxious. While all these words mean "exceedingly harmful " pernicious implies irreparable harm done through evil or insidious corrupting or undermining. the claim that pornography has a pernicious effect on society
Define pernicious . pernicious synonyms pernicious pronunciation pernicious translation English dictionary definition of pernicious . adj. 1. Tending to cause d...