Answer: two or more tissues that work together to perform a specific function
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Word Origin late Old English via Latin from Greek organon 'tool instrument sense organ' reinforced in Middle English by Old French organe.
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Organ definition is - a differentiated structure (such as a heart kidney leaf or stem) consisting of cells and tissues and performing some specific function in an organism.
The organ is a relatively old musical instrument dating from the time of Ctesibius of Alexandria (285–222 BC) who invented the water organ .It was played throughout the Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman world particularly during races and games.
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Define organ . organ synonyms organ pronunciation organ translation English dictionary definition of organ . n. 1. Music a. An instrument consisting of a number of ...
organ of Corti the organ lying against the basilar membrane in the cochlear duct containing special sensory receptors for hearing and consisting of neuroepithelial hair cells and several types of supporting cells.
Organ definition a musical instrument consisting of one or more sets of pipes sounded by means of compressed air played by means of one or more keyboards and capable of producing a wide range of musical effects.
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