Answer: on the weather map as a puple line with half circles and triangles on the
same side.
occluded front
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An occluded front is a composite of two frontal systems that merge as a result of occlusion. Cold fronts generally move faster than warm fronts . In fact the speed of a cold front is about double that of a typical warm front . As a result a cold front will sometimes overtake an existing warm front . Essentially an occluded front forms as three ...
What is an Occluded Front ? Occluded fronts are linked with areas of low pressure called depressions (more on these soon!). When a depression forms there is usually a warm front and a faster moving cold front . The diagram below shows this. To the north of the warm front is the cool air that was in the area before the depression developed:
An occluded front occurs when a cold front moves faster and eventually overtakes a warm front resulting in the formation of an occluded front through a process called cyclogenesis. The new front usually develops around the center of a low-pressure system during the formation of a cyclone.
An occluded front is a combination of those two signs. They are indicated on a weather map either by a purple line with alternating semicircles and triangles pointing in direction of travel or by red semicircles and blue triangles pointing in the same direction.
Occluded front . In meteorology an occluded front is a weather front formed during the process of cyclogenesis. The classical view of an occluded front is that they are formed when a cold front overtakes a warm front such that the w...