Answer: the development of different languages from a single ancestral language
Linguistic divergence
Divergence in linguistics refers to one of the five principles by which grammaticalization can be detected while it is taking place. The other four are: layering specialisation persistence and de-categorialisation. Divergence names a state of affairs subsequent to some change namely the result of the process called "split" by Heine and
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(2) The positional change of sounds the allophonic divergence within a single phoneme. (3) Linguistic evolution as a result of which certain dialects of one language are isolated from the other dialects of this language and form independent languages. The opposite of convergence.
Linguistic divergence and convergence. In Elizabeth George 's recent novel The Punishment She Deserves there's a passage where someone uses a sociolinguistic choice to communicate her attitude towards an interaction. This reminded me of another fictional example of the same thing and I'm sure that readers will come up with more.
Language Divergence. DEFINITION: This occurs where one language breaks into two smaller dialects because there is a constant lack of spatial interaction between original speakers. Continued seperation between original speakers causes this.
To describe this phenomenon we propose a communication theory of language convergence/meaning divergence (LC/MD). Simply put the theory suggests that people often reach agreement on language to describe or define a particular situation concept or plan of action but the meanings they assign are different.
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