Answer: in linguistics, a method of dating divergence in branches of language
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Glottochronology . Glottochronology (from Attic Greek γλῶττα tongue language and χρóνος time) is the part of lexicostatistics which involves comparative linguistics and deals with the chronological relationship between languages.:131. The idea was developed by Morris Swadesh in the 1950s in his article on Salish internal relationships.
Glottochronology definition is - a linguistic method that uses the rate of vocabulary replacement to estimate the date of divergence for distinct but genetically related languages.
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Glottochronology the study of the rate of change occurring in the vocabularies of languages for the purpose of calculating the length of time (time depth) during which two related languages have developed independently. Glottochronology rests upon statistical comparison of the basic vocabulary
Glottochronology is the mathematical study of these changes. The Battle of Hastings was certainly a turning point. And a linguist might infer that event from today's languages without ever having read about it.
Glottochronology definition the branch of lexicostatistics that studies the rate of replacement of vocabulary and attempts to determine what percentage of basic vocabulary two presently distinct but related languages share using the information thus obtained to estimate how long ago they ceased being a single language. ...