Answer: to acquire, to get, to obtain, to secure
kakutoku suru (獲得する)
獲得する ( KAKUTOKU SURU ) = To Acquire / To Possess獲 = Seize / Get / Find / Earn / Acquire得 = Gain / Get / Find / Earn / Acquire / Profit / Advantage / Benefitメダル...
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The word "Kutoku" is derived from the Japanese word for earn "kakutoku suru" (獲得する). However it was also inspired by the Japanese term "otaku" (おたく/オタク) for people with obsessive interests.
単 (たん) に 知識 (ちしき) を 獲得 (かくとく) する ための 方法 (ほうほう) を 説明 (せつめい) する ものに 過 (す) ぎない。 Tan ni chishiki o kakutoku suru tame no hōhō o setsumei suru mono ni suginai.
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