Answer: a fight, a grapple
kakutō (格闘)
English words for 挌闘 include wrestling fisticuffs melee first fight scuffle and hand-to-hand fight. Find more Japanese words at!
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格 闘 する • ( kakutō suru) intransitive suru (stem 格 (かく) 闘 (とう) し ( kakutō shi) past 格 (かく) 闘 (とう) した ( kakutō shita)) fight scuffle 自分 ( じぶん ) のシッポと 格闘 ( かくとう ) する 猫 ( ねこ )
Kakuto Chojin: Back Alley Brutal (Kakuto Chojin for short) known in Japan as Kakutō Chōjin: Fighting Super Heroes ( 格闘 超人 ファイティング スーパーヒーローズ Kakutō Chōjin Faitingu Sūpāhīrōzu) is a fighting game for the Xbox gaming console published in 2002 by Microsoft Game Studios.
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Fighter Maker (格闘ツクール Kakutō Tsukūru) is a series of games for PlayStation consoles and Microsoft Windows. It features a robust character creation system letting players even create animations. There are two versions of the games Fighter Maker (FM series) and 2D Fighter Maker (2DFM series).
In basic terms Ryōi Shintō-ryū Jūjutsu (良移心当流 柔術) is divided into two different components (subject to the ...