Answer: diaspro
Word Origin mid 19th century: French past participle of jasper 'to marble' from jaspe (see jasper1).
Scrabble Points: 13
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Jaspé definition is - resembling jasper in blending of colors : clouded in streaks of contrasting colors; specifically : variegated in weaving by the use of warp yarns of differing shades together with single-color filling yarns.
Jaspé definition given a veined and spotted appearance imitating jaspe r. See more.
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Jaspe is a tie-and-dye or resist-dye method also known as ikat in some parts of the world which produces patterns in the warp weft or both in a woven cloth. The weave structure itself is usually plain weave and it can be woven on backstrap or treadle looms warped faced with vertical designs weft-faced with horizontal lines or balanced ...
jasper. A masculine noun is used with masculine articles and adjectives (e.g. el hombre guapo el sol amarillo). El mosaico de la antigua iglesia está hecho con jaspe y jade.The mosaic in the old church is made of jasper and jade.
Jaspe rojo. El jaspe rojo pertenece a la amplia familia de...