Answer: giada
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Word Origin late 16th century: from French le jade (earlier l'ejade) from Spanish piedra de ijada 'stone of the flank' (i.e. stone for colic which it was believed to cure).
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The use of jade and other greenstone was a long-term tradition in Korea (c. 850 BC – AD 668). Jade is found in small numbers of pit-houses and burials.The craft production of small comma-shaped and tubular "jades" using materials such as jade microcline jasper etc. in southern Korea originates from the Middle Mumun Pottery Period (c. 850–550 BC).
Jade has its cultural roots in the smoke-dimmed caves and huts that sheltered prehistoric humans. Around the world Stone Age workers shaped this toughest of gems into weapons tools ornaments and ritual objects. Their carvings invoked the powers of heaven and earth and mystic forces of life and death.
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The English word jade that means "to weary" is not related to the name of the green stone jade . The origin of the earlier jade is uncertain. It was first used in Middle English to mean "a broken-down horse." Later the word for a worthless horse was often applied to a woman (or very rarely to a man) considered worthless.
Jade is part of the green color ray the most lush and verdant shade of green a color that reflects growth and vitality. It is also a stone that stands for wealth and longevity.
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