Answer: slowed
Word Origin late 16th century: from Latin impedire 'shackle the feet of' based on pes ped- 'foot'. Compare with impeach.
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Impede definition is - to interfere with or slow the progress of. How to use impede in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of impede.
past tense of impede Synonyms & Antonyms of impeded (Entry 2 of 2) to create difficulty for the work or activity of the construction work impeded the smooth running of the office for several months
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impede [ im- peed ] See synonyms for: impede / impeded / impedes / impeding on verb (used with object) im·ped·ed im·ped·ing.
Impeded - definition of impeded by The Free Dictionary Define impeded. impeded synonyms impeded pronunciation impeded translation English dictionary definition of impeded. tr.v. im·ped·ed im·ped·ing im·pedes To retard or obstruct the progress of. See Synonyms ...