Answer: sleeping, inactive, inert
Word Origin late Middle English (in the senses 'fixed in position' and 'latent'): from Old French 'sleeping' present participle of dormir from Latin dormire 'to sleep'.
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Dormant definition is - represented on a coat of arms in a lying position with the head on the forepaws. How to use dormant in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of dormant .
Some common synonyms of dormant are latent potential and quiescent. While all these words mean "not now showing signs of activity or existence " dormant suggests the inactivity of something (such as a feeling or power) as though sleeping. their passion had lain dormant Where would latent be a reasonable alternative to dormant?
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Being in an inactive state during which growth and development cease and metabolism is slowed usually in response to an adverse environment. In winter some plants survive as dormant seeds or bulbs and some animals enter the dormant state of hibernation. Not active but capable of renewed activity.
Being in a condition of biological rest or inactivity characteriz...