Answer: They were welcomed, some held high government offices, and had freedom.
Describe the Golden Ages for the Jews during the Umayyads rule in Spain?
The Golden Age of Judaism in al-Andalus Part 1. In the beginning. The arrival of the Jews in Spain is the subject of many legends spread by Jewish and Christian chroniclers especially in the ...
The golden age of Jewish culture in Spain which coincided with the Middle Ages in Europe was a period of Muslim rule during which intermittently Jews were generally accepted in society and Jewish religious cultural and economic life flourished.
The Wiki Encyclopedia entry for the Golden Age states: "The nature and length of this ' Golden Age ' has been a subject of much debate as there were at least three Golden Ages interrupted by periods of oppression of Jews and non- Jews . A few scholars give the start of the Golden Age as 711–718 the Muslim conquest of Iberia.
The Golden Age of Jewish history is in fact known as the period of Muslim rule in Spain. The Golden Age of Islam began under 'Abdur-Rahman the first Umayyad ruler called the "Falcon of Andalus." Some even hypothesize that the Golden Age of Islam may have been more favorable to women.
A Golden Age Stability. Stability...