Answer: Any legislative body that consists of 2 separate houses. In the U.S., The
senate represents50 state-wide voter constituencies, and the House of Reps
represents voters in 435 separate districts.
Word Origin mid 19th century: from bi- 'two' + Latin camera 'chamber' + -al.
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Definition of bicameral government : having consisting of or based on two legislative chambers (see chamber entry 1 sense 4a) a bicameral legislature comprised of the House of Representatives and the Senate Other Words from bicameral
Bicameral definition having two branches chambers or houses as a legislative body. See more.
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The word bicameral originates from the Latin bi- meaning "two " combined with camera meaning "chamber." Chamber is just another way of referring to a legislative branch of a government or other official organization.
bicameral definition: 1. (of a parliament congress etc.) having two parts such as the Senate and the House of…. Learn more.
1. Composed of or based on two legislative chambers or branches: a bicameral legislature. 2. Medicine Composed of or having two chambers as an abscess divided by a septum.
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A bicameral system describes a government that has a two-house legislative system such as the House of Representatives and the Senate ...