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Word Origin late 16th century (denoting a gem described by Pliny and said to resemble coals supposedly hydrophane (a type of opal)): from Greek anthrakit─ôs from anthrax anthrak- 'coal'.
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Anthracite also known as hard coal is a hard compact variety of coal that has a submetallic luster.It has the highest carbon content the fewest impurities and the highest energy density of all types of coal and is the highest ranking of coals.
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Anthracite in Art Design and Culture. Perhaps the best showcase of this hue in modern times is sporting goods brands using anthracite to name and describe their creations. As a matter of fact both leading brands Nike and Adidas have come out with their own designs with anthracite as the star of the show.
Anthracite is the least plentiful form of coal. In the United States it is found mostly in northeastern Pennsylvania and makes up less than 2 percent of all coal reserves in the country. Smaller amounts of anthracite occur in South Africa Australia eastern Ukraine western Canada China and other countries.
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