Answer: Viscera
Anterior body cavity that's divided into a superior thoracic cavity & an inferior abdomino pelvic cavity.
Anterior (Ventral) Body Cavity. The large anterior body cavity is subdivided into the superior thoracic cavity and the inferior abdominopelvic cavity (Fig. 1.5a). A muscular partition called the diaphragm separates the two cavities.
The ventral cavity can also be divided into two main parts: the thoracic cavity and abdominopelvic cavity which are separated by the diaphragm. The thoracic cavity also called the chest cavity sits superior (higher) to the abdominopelvic cavity and it contains organs such as the heart lungs trachea and esophagus. It can be subdivided into three main portions:
anterior body cavity . largely located on the anterior side of the body . is separated into two divisions by the diaphram. thoracic cavity . Thoracic cavity and its subdivisions are superior to the diaphragm. pleural mediastinum pericardial cavity . pleural cavity . each surrounds either left or right lung. Mediastinum.
The ventral cavity is divided by the diaphragm a thin dome-shaped sheet of muscle into a superior thoracic cavity as well as an inferior abdominopelvic cavity . The thoracic cavity is guarded by the rib cage and contains the heart and lungs.
Located at the front (or anterior side) o...