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Aluminium (aluminum in American and Canadian English) is a chemical element with the symbol Al and atomic number 13. Aluminium has a density lower than those of other common metals at approximately one third that of steel. It has a great affinity towards oxygen and forms a protective layer of oxide on the surface when exposed to air ...
Aluminium is a silvery-white lightweight metal. It is soft and malleable. Uses. Aluminium is used in a huge variety of products including cans foils kitchen utensils window frames beer kegs and aeroplane parts. This is because of its particular properties.
Aluminium is a silvery-white metal the 13 element in the periodic table. One surprising fact about aluminium is that it's the most widespread metal on Earth making up more than 8% of the Earth's core mass. It's also the third most common chemical element on our planet after oxygen and silicon.
Aluminium Stewardship Initiative announced that Sohar Aluminium Company LLC has joined as a Production and Transformation member bringing the total number of ASI Members to 189. Sohar Aluminium was formed in September 2004 to undertake a landmark Greenfield aluminium smelter and has an annual capacity of 390
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