Answer: to store electricity
chikuden suru (蓄電する)
chikuden suru (蓄電する ) to store electricity chikyū (地球) the earth the globe chinchakuni (沈着に) calmly composedly ni chinande nazukeru (に因んで名づける) to call/name after chindan (珍談) a funny story an anecdote an episode chin'agetōsō (賃上げ闘争)
する ( suru ): Generic verb used to mean "to do". Also used to turn nouns into verbs (ex: 勉強 する ") と (to): The "to" particle has many uses but when placed after a verb in the dictionary form indicates a conditional in the sense of "if". Putting these things together we get something like "If we do from…".
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蓄電 . 蓄電する . Elektrizität speichern. 【 蓄電する 】 ち くでん する 2 chikuden suru 0 Elektrizität speichern.
suru czasownik Formy gramatyczne ... 蓄電 でわありませんでした ... chikuden dewa arimasen deshita
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