Answer: Lucy
Who found the wardrobe first?
When did people first start wearing clothes? 120 000-year-old bone tools found in Moroccan cave shed clues Some of the earliest clothes were made from sand fox golden jackal or wildcat furs and ...
The Maison Redfern founded by the English tailor John Redfern (1820-1895) was the first fashion house to offer women sportswear and tailored suits based on their male counterparts and his practical and soberly elegant garments soon became indispensable to the wardrobes of well-dressed women. 1910s
It's not clear when we first starting adorning our skin with clothing but a new study that found 120 000-year-old clothing manufacturing tools in Contrebandiers Cave on Morocco's Atlantic Coast suggests this practice is at least that old. The Pleistocene wardrobe Credit: Jacopo Niccolò Cerasoni.
L ucy. Main characters. Lucy is the youngest of four siblings. In some respects she is the primary protagonist of the story. She is the first to discover the land of Narnia which she enters inadvertently when she steps into a wardrobe while exploring the Professor's house.
The wardrobe was commissioned by Professor Digory Kirke sometime before the Second World War. Its origins however stretched back many years earlier to Digory's own adventure in Narnia . During that adventure Aslan had sent Digory to retrieve an apple from a magic tree and bring it back to him. ...