Answer: The stone table.
Where did the Children meet Asaln?
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The children first meet Aslan at the camp which has been set up near the stone table.
Aslan is awe-inspiring and a little frightening but unquestionably benevolent and kind. Aslan s power is unmatched and his goodness unlimited. The children are understandably nervous when they first meet Aslan . With the exception of Edmund when the children meet Aslan they are powerfully drawn to him.
Mr and Mrs. Beaver and the children —minus Edmund the traitor of course—have set out to look for Aslan . Mr. Beaver has told the children that they must meet the good lion at the Stone Table ...
Where did the Children meet Asaln ? The stone table. What changed once Aslan got to Narnia? Spring began. Where was Asaln "killed"? The Stone Table.
Where did Mr. and Mrs. Beaver take the children to meet Aslan ? (A) the castle at Cair Paravel (B) a field near the lamp-post (C) the Stone Table.
The children hurry back to the...