Answer: colonies easy to defend than scatered french settlments population 15 times
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What was brittish strengths
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British Strengths and American Weaknesses. The British seemed unbeatable. During the previous 100 years the British had enjoyed triumph after triumph over nations as powerful as France and Spain. At first glance the odds were clearly against the Americans. A closer look provides insight into how the underdogs emerged victorious.
Another Strength of the British is that they were really well supplied and the Americans lacked Food Uniforms Weapons and Ammunition.
What are the strengths and weaknesses of the British imperial system? The main benefit was to equip us with the knowledge of systems other than the decimal. Later I had no difficulty grasping the concept of binary octal and hexadecimal arithmetic because I'd been used to 8 pints in a gallon 12 pence in a shilling 14 pounds in a stone 16 ounces in a pound and all the rest.
Strengths The British army totaled an amazing 50 000 troops all of whom were well-trained and well-armed. This force greatly outnumbered the Continental Army. When comparing the quality of weapons the British force made the colonists seem like "little ...