Answer: He saw reindeer that were the size of Shetland ponies and their hair was so
white that even the snow hardly looked white compared to them.
What is the first animal Edmund sees in Narnia?
Shortly after arriving in Narnia Edmund accompanied Caspian and a small party on a walk over the island of Felimath where the party was captured by slave traders. Edmund Lucy Eustace and Reepicheep the mouse were separated from Caspian and spent the night on a slave ship. The next morning they were sold separately at a slave auction until Caspian and his Narnian crew shut down both the auction and the entire trade.
Edmund makes unjust and hurtful comments to Lucy when she first finds the entrance to Narnia through the wardrobe and is the second of the Pevensie children to go to Narnia after following Lucy to mock her during a game of hide and seek.
In chapter one of the American edition the animals in which Edmund and Susan express interest are snakes and foxes rather than the foxes and rabbits of the British edition. [52] [53] In chapter six of the American edition the name of the White Witch's chief of police is changed to " Fenris Ulf " from " Maugrim " in the British.
Edmund at first searches for Lucy (and never thinks to follow her footprints). Then he is nearly run over by a sleigh drawn by six large white reindeer stags and driven by an angry dwarf named Ginarrbrik (Kiran Shah) who stops the sleigh dismounts catches Edmund and is about to cut his throat when the sleigh's...