Answer: He breathed on all the fighters on hte battlefield that were turned to
What did Aslan do on the battlefield?
That night the siblings and the rest of their troops sleep on the battlefield—Aslan miraculously provides food for everyone. The next morning everyone marches east to Cair Paravel and... (full context)
Once Aslan restores all of the statues Aslan leads all of the creatures as a troop to help Peter in battle. Peter's army had been faltering against the Witch's troops and was desperately in need of reinforcements. When Aslan's troops arrive they see Peter and the Witch dueling furiously.
After his resurrection Aslan leaps into the White Witch's castle and frees all those who were turned to stone by breathing on them then returns to the battlefield where the White Witch's forces...
Susan and Lucy spot Aslan and run to him and beg to follow. Aslan agrees as long as Susan and Lucy leave when he tells them to. As the three travel together Aslan becomes increasingly depressed and apathetic. He pleads for human contact so he can alleviate his loneliness. At last they reach the Stone Table ...