Answer: She acts likes his mother.
What about Susan bothers Edmund when they first arrive to the professors house?
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Mr. Beaver. An old unmarried man who takes in Lucy Edmund Susan and Peter when they are sent away from London during the air-raids at the height of World War II. The children take a liking to the Professor right away and believe that they will be able to get away with all kinds of mischief under his roof.
3. How did the adventures begin? With the children's decision to explore the house because it was raining and they couldn't go outdoors. 4.
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Lucy and Edmund come bursting out of the wardrobe. Lucy enthusiastically tells Peter and Susan about Narnia and wants Edmund to back up her story. When Lucy tells the story and looks to Edmund for verification Edmund tells the others that he and Lucy were just playing a game. This gives him an ...
1. Why did Peter Susan Edmund and Lucy leave London? 2. What is the setting of the story (time and place)? 3. Describe the professor and the children's reaction to him. 4. What are some things they find when they explore the rooms of the house ? 5. Why did Lucy go into the wardrobe? 6. What can you conclude about Lucy? ...