Answer: identifiable paralinguistic noises that are turned on and off at
perceivable and relatively short intevals
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Medical definition of vocalization: the act or process of producing sounds with the voice; also : a sound thus produced.
Vocalization. Vocalizations defined by syllables of fixed length and unchangeable across individuals are used to signal an event to conspecifics like an approaching predator or the presence of food and very likely seem prerequisites for human speech rather than musical creations.
The Vocalizations and Hearing Sensitivity of an Explosive-Breeding Tropical Toad from Southern China: A Test of the Matched Filter Hypothesis A total of 15 animals showed absence of vocalization with moderate muscle relaxation and wing movement upon handling and 2 animals presented with lateral recumbence with intense muscle relaxation and ...
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JAY MAGER: Loons characteristically give three vocalizations that are able to be communicated over long distance. The first is a wail which is the haunting call of the loon. [LOON WAILS] JAY MAGER: The wail has been long believ...